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Celebrity Quiz: Guess Stars


Features overview:★ 480 popular celebrities: more stars than the others including actors, athletes, singers, politicians, and many other famous VIP★ no time limit: play for fun, not against time★ offline playable: even in the subway or abroad★ Google Plus integration: featuring online leaderboard and achievements★ fancy design: optimized for all screens (phones/tablets) and screen-resolutionsTest your gossip knowledge and guess the 480 most popular celebrities from all over the world! But: All stars images are hidden behind a wall of tiles that must be removed first.
Uncover the hidden images of famous actors, successful athletes, talented singers, well-known politicians, and many other VIP and try to guess their names. The sooner you recognize the stars the better, since the number of tiles you can use is limited! Unused tiles will be credited to you.
This celebrities quiz offers an online leaderboard as well as achievements for special results. Just sign in with your Google Plus account and challenge your friends with your gossip knowledge! However unlike many other quiz apps, Celebrity Quiz can be played offline anytime. Take it with you on a road trip or play a quick game while you are on the sub!
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Funny guessing!
Disclaimer: All pictures and images in this game are licensed either under Creative Commons or are Public Domain.